Your body length

Normally you choose the length of your sword based on your body length.

Ideally you can double check with your sensei. He knows best what katana fits you and the style you practice.

The table on the right gives you a good idea about the length you should choose for a katana or iaito

Table katana or iaito

Body length / cm Body length / ft Blade length
up to 170 cm up to 5,58 ft 27 inch blade
up to 180 cm up to 5,90 ft 28 inch blade
more than 180 cm more than 5,90 ft 29 inch blade
Our swords are measured from tip to tsuba


For a ninjato this is different. These swords are much shorter. Here you can choose for a 22 to a 24 inch blade. Your length is a bit less important with these swords. More important is what feels right for you. Again, ask your sensei if you have any doubts.