Custom Master iaito (clay tempered kobuse)


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Our Master iaito are highly customizable Japanese swords. If you want a truely unique Samurai sword, this is it.

  • Handforged
  • kobuse folded steel
  • Differentially clay tempered
  • Authentic hamon (temperline)
  • We don't mimic the look & feel of a katana, this is a katana, but blunt for safe training
  • Signature: BushiSwords Heisei Period, Year of the Monkey (2016)

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Now it is time to design your custom iaito.
If you have any questions or we can help you with your design,
just ask using the contact button.


An overview of the sword parts


tsuka ito (handle wrap) & Sageo (cord on sheath)



tsuka maki (type of handle wrap)


same (rayskin)


habaki (sword collar)



Fittings in black iron
Tsuba, fuchi & kashira


Fittings in brass
tsuba, fuchi, kashira

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saya (sheath)

Product customization

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